Short Curriculum Vitae

Slawomir Paszak Highly motivated and experienced PA, currently looking to resume my professional career after dedicating the last two years to raising a family. Excellent admin skills, thorough knowledge of digital design, as well as extensive experience in busy companies. After working as a freelancer to refresh my skills, now fully committed to continuing my …

The process of graphic design

Each order is carried out in a traditional way, paying attention to the creation, details and layout of the design for a given size or format. Therefore, the graphic design process includes several stages, which I present below. 1 Stage: Briefing. Mind storm effect. Discuss using the email, call, face-to-face conversation or Skype chat about …

What Am I?

Versatile graphics/digital designer who has experience delivering creative, graphic concepts for a wide range of customers businesses and individuals. One of its advantages is the attention to detail, the deadline-driven and has a lot of ideas. He has a strong sense of visual and as a professional not only gets excited about new ideas but …

Who Am I?

I am a person with an open mind and heart. I am not a perfectionist but I like order and cleanliness not only in everyday life. Whenever I have the opportunity, I help others to achieve their goals or strategies. I love my small family, dedicating a lot of time to them. In my spare …


The first initial drawings were sketches from the period when there were no computers, graphics programs, and audio-visual techniques.

Digital ads

An example of print advertising in the outdoor, printed ads, announcements in the press, books,  industry advertising, or product catalogs.  


My other photos from the Portraits series and Bike Travels are available on the website. I also make photos for the needs of small companies (sale/rent of office space and apartments) and service companies, such as Thai massage studios and unconventional therapies.


Various series of packaging, mainly for the supplier of solutions for tourism and camping (Bushmen company) and more small other companies.

Case Study

School showroom Graphic projects were carried out while studying at school (City of Glasgow College), where I gained further experience and researched development opportunities. Corporate Identity: Clydeside Distillery (full brand identity book) Gusto – Soup and Sandwiches (full brand identity book)


Examples of graphic designs of various types of advertisements made by me on paper carriers (advertisements in the press, trade publications, company catalogs) and large format carriers (billboards).