Slawomir Paszak

Graphic Designer - Photographer - Retoucher


Projecr and drawing - Caliber knife
Advert in company book
CD cover - Eagle Agency
Photography in theatre
Publishing laflet
Packaging - Bushmen



Graphic design - Photography

Retouching - Illustration

More projects

Please visit completed graphic projects where you can see my previous graphic designs and photographs. If you are interested in taking photos of your product, service or business presentation, then take a look at my other graphic portfolio, i.e. photography.



Slawomir Paszak - author

As a graphic designer, I create graphics and layouts for various products, such as websites, books, games, company logos, and product user manuals. I have an excellent knowledge of colour theory, font types, image construction, and other artistic principles to determine what would appeal to the target audience.

Photography is both a science and an art, requiring technical skill and artistic vision. As a photographer, one uses their knowledge of light, composition, and perspective to create images that convey emotions, tell stories, or simply capture moments in time. I may work in a variety of settings, such as studios, and outdoors, and take photos of events, nature, or commercial environments using my cameras and light source.


My passion is cycling and exploring the vicinity of my residence. If you want to see the visited places and add me as a friend on Strava, please visit a separate website